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How Can Amazon’s Echo Stop, Breathe, Think Ability Help You In Easy Meditation?

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Technology has severely affected the mental and physical wellbeing of a human. Regularly watching at our phone screens, staring at the TV, on laptops and exposed to unnatural indoor lighting all day causes a terrible effect on our health.

Though, as well as the severe impacts of technology, there are exclusive technologies that have been brought up.

Everyone believes that yoga and meditation help with stress removal and anxiety. It has helped people to be relaxed and stay more positive.

You should focus on your health and body. Your body can be calmed down in about 5 minutes or an hour. With the proper techniques used, you can clam your mind and remove stress. Yoga is outstanding for building core body strength and flexibility. It also helps in getting rid of the back pain and stiffness.

Frequently, the problem with meditation and doing yoga is to find the time and motivation to start it.

How Can Amazon Alexa And Echo Help You?

Alexa is Amazon’s voice-controlled smart home assistant. You can find different devices that Amazon has launched since starting. It includes the Amazon Echo. It is a comprehensive speaker which is used to play music. Also, Amazon dot is a smaller version which doesn’t have the large speaker. Though, it can still listen to you and respond to your commands.

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Stop, Breathe, Think Ability

Alexa has thousand of separate skills. Voice command is one of those things. You can find a whole new section of abilities in the Health & Fitness category. One of Alexa’s expertise is “Stop, Breathe, Think” skill.

One of the things which you can say is Alexa, open Stop, Breathe, Think. It will help in the activation of the different meditation routines.

You will get to hear a calm and relaxing voice. It will help you throughout a guided meditation as different from you trying to clear your pre-occupied mind in a silent room.

Get The Perfect Atmosphere With Smart Lighting

There has always been a hurdle with the traditional indoor lighting. Glowing bulbs trick our mind and inspire us to remain alert and active. These things are great when you have to concentrate on your work, though, not so good if you have to chill.

Candles are an astounding idea, though the effort to set them up can cause a potential safety hazard indoors. Though, with smart lights, the lighting can be controlled to be a more relaxing sunset color. It will help you relax when you have to do yoga or meditate or sleep.

It can be automated to change at a particular time. You can use it as a smart assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

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